You wake up in a comfortable memory foam bed, down comforter keeping you warm. The ocean roars, as it has all night long. Lifting your head to look through the tent screen, you see the sun rising over the Pacific, 400 feet below. You and you loved one linger in bed for a while until the thought of coffee and a sticky bun energize you to get up. 

After admiring the ocean and listening to the birds for a couple hours from your porch, you remember the amazing hike and drive to a lighthouse the staff recommended. Cute seaside towns and relaxing on the beach are just what was needed.

You get steaks from the place they recommended and grill them to perfection as the sun begins to set. Lots of new friends are eating and grilling. After dinner, the whole group moves to the campfire where the Milky Way and s'mores await.

And then it hits you: never has a weekend getaway been so easy to plan or so rejuvenating.